Wednesday 26 March 2014

BabyChic Buggy Liner review & giveaway

BabyChic Designs is a relatively new company that is bringing style and colour to plain, boring pushchairs. Lauren, the lovely Mum behind the brand had a black pram when her daughter (also named Sienna) was born and was envious of all the colourful, patterned pushchairs that was out of her budget. Living in Australia, Lauren was also concerned about the effect black would have on the temperature of her baby. 

Lauren got started on creating her own liner that would add the wow factor to her pram and be more comfortable for her baby. It soon caught the eyes of other mothers out there and they helped spur her on to turn it into her own business. It was a rocky road to start with but when Lauren realised the liner needed to be universal to fit every pram, that is when the business really started to take off. 

The liners now come in 5 fabulous designs and all are reversible as well, giving you a choice of patterned or velour. We chose the dandelion and I'm happy with my choice, we love it, it goes so well with the grey and lime of the stroller we have. I love the dandelion pattern for Sienna yet the grey velour would be great if we have a boy next too.

So why buy Babychic Liners? 

-100% cotton,
-Universal fit, 
-Quick & easy to install,
-Machine washable,
-Suitable for sensitive skin,
-Protects the pram from spills and mess,
-Regulates temperature
-Adds colour and pattern.

It really does live up to all those points, it's much easier to wash that taking the whole pram covers off or hand sponging it and I think every pram needs one!

 If you'd like to get your hands on one, enter the giveaway below as Lauren has very kindly agreed to host a giveaway with me. You can choose from any of the 5 designs if you win, check them out here.


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