Monday 24 March 2014

5 Wedding dress styles you’ll surely adore

Finding the perfect wedding dress is probably the best part of planning your wedding, and you may already have an idea or two of what you want to wear. There are plenty of styles to choose from and you might get overwhelmed if you try them all—to keep things simple, keep in mind your body type and go for the dress that makes you not only look good, but feel great as well. There are plenty of designer collections you can browse to find the perfect fit and style.

Designers have their own signature styles; for instance, a JimHjelm wedding dress makes use of delicate embroidery and unique details coupled with luxurious fabrics. Collections are diverse and can range from vintage-inspired silhouettes to modern cuts, and there’s sure to be something out there that speaks to you. If you’re on the lookout for the dress to wear on your wedding day, here are five timeless styles you’ll surely love. Choosing the right style can emphasize your best assets!

The Ball Gown

All those years of reading and watching fairytales have made us want to look like royalty, and this style fits the bill. Featuring a fitted bodice and full skirt, the ball gown is usually paired with a dramatic train and long lace or silk gloves. This cut is recommended for pear-shaped or slender brides to hide the lower body and emphasise the waist.

The A-Line

A classic style, the A-line is fitted around the bodice with a length that ranges from above the knee to a full length flowing into the train. Also known as a Princess dress, it’s a flattering look that fits and balances any body shape; the full skirt hides a curvy bottom or adds curves where there aren’t any!

The Sheath

Also known as a column dress for its narrow shape, the sheath flows straight down from the shoulders to the feet. It is designed to hug the body and show off curves, which makes it an ideal choice for lean and slender brides. Petite and slim brides can also benefit from the sheath, which makes them look taller.

The Mermaid

For the woman with just the right curves, the mermaid dress is the best silhouette to wear. The dress is cut to fit the body—especially the hips—and flares out to the hem for that dramatic effect. It’s also called a trumpet dress, and works best for those with hourglass and rectangle body shapes.

The Empire

The main characteristic of the empire dress is its raised waistline that rests just below the bust. Empires flow from this part down in a full length, and can have varying sleeve lengths and styles—or no sleeves at all. The fabrics used are generally light and flow freely and gracefully to the floor. This style looks great on any body type, especially pear-shaped ladies, and is especially recommended for the bride who wants to enhance her bust. It is also the ideal and comfortable choice for pregnant brides.

When picking out your wedding dress, remember to go for the one that makes you feel beautiful inside and out—and be sure to choose the one you can dance in!

What style did you/would you choose?

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