Monday 10 February 2014

XXL Volume

The other day, along side a bad horrendous skin day, I was also having a bad hair day. I mean, there isn't a worse situation for a girl is there?! My hair just would not co-operate at all, my fringe was being all out of sorts and really my hair was due for a wash so was a bit greasy and really flat. I had no time to wash it as Sienna and I had to be out the house early. 

It wasn't until I went to grab my dry shampoo that I remembered I had been sent the Batiste XXL Volume one to try out. It seemed like there was no better test for it than the worst bad hair day in the world so I went for it. A few sprays and a brush through later, my hair was completely transformed. I honestly couldn't believe it! I looked like I had got a blow dry in the matter of seconds and I had to share the news on Instagram in the form of this picture!

You would have never guessed that 2 minutes previous I looked like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards. I looked more like I had spent the morning in the salon. This is definitely my favourite dry shampoo in the world and I will be buying it in bulk. Every time I use it I'm still amazed by the magic it has on my hair. 

Alongside the dry shampoo, I was also sent the powder to add even more magic for nights out. I didn't think it could be much better than the dry shampoo but it really does give more volume and I like how you can target this one more specifically by just popping some on the roots. I will say though that this does give a slight sticky feeling to the hair which wouldn't appeal to me for every day, but for nights out it is amazing, one of my friends agreed with that on Saturday night after using a bit before we went out. Cheryl Cole eat your heart out!

Have you used these? What do you think?

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