Tuesday 11 February 2014

Sienna's Aquarium!

You may remember back in November, Sienna got an aquarium for her birthday. We had actually already decided to get her some fish as we thought it was a bit unusual for first birthdays and she had already picked up an interested in the fish at my mums house. 

Swell very kindly got in touch at just the right time and offered to send us this amazing aquarium, it was like they knew! It is the AquaEl Classic 40 Bow Aquarium Kit and came with everything you need; a starter set of food, water treatment and filter bio starter, hood lighting, hinged feeding hatch, internal filter and a 25w heater. For the price I think it is brilliant what is included! We were able to set it up pretty quickly and having the set, we knew we had everything we needed to get started. It was exciting taking Sienna to get all the bits and pieces to make it look pretty and then more importantly, the fish! 

Sienna loved the fish and every morning when I would come down and put their light on in the tank, she would point and watch them and say 'bubble'.. bubble was actually one of her first words because of the aquarium! (thanks Swell)

The aquarium has definitely helped Sienna's interest in the fish grow and I hope we can continue this interest. My mum and some other family members are quite into gardening and ponds etc. so I hope we can get Sienna really into these things in the Summer with her own little gardening kits and visiting the ponds. It would be a great activity to keep her occupied other than the usual drawing and painting. 

Are your children into fish? Do you have a pond?

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