Wednesday 19 February 2014

Warren's birthday debate; holiday or watch?!

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Warren's birthday is coming up in April and it isn't really a big one although he will then be closer to 30 than 20! I have been thinking of what to do for a while now as we never normally bother with each others birthdays or anything, but now we are parents I feel we should make a bit more effort as we don't get as much time to show our love as we would like too!

I know his ultimate gift would be a holiday. He has been saying for months and months that he needs a holiday and to be honest, I could do with one too!  Our only holiday together was a few years ago when we went to Turkey with Karen, his mum & Staci, his sister. It was a great holiday but another one is definitely (over) due! It doesn't have to be anything really expensive, Majorca or Tenerife are the places I have heard him mention and along as it's hot, I'm sure it will be fine!

If I realise I can't find a holiday or don't think it's the 'right' option, another one is a brand new watch. He's had his current watch since before he met me and now the battery doesn't even work, haha! I could get him a new battery but that isn't much of birthday present is it?! He is pretty fussy when it comes to watches however I did come across this Mühle Glashütte watch which I think he would approve of. I love how it has a bit of a sporty look but at the same time is classic and not too casual. I really like big watch faces as well, especially on men. The only thing is, I think the cost is probably more than a holiday would be! Although the watch would last him longer than a week and is a classic, well made piece...

Help! Which would you go for?

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