Wednesday 19 February 2014

My tips on losing weight!

A lot of people have started coming to me for tips on how to lose weight after hearing I am smaller now than before I fell pregnant with Sienna. I have said it before that there is no magic diet or pill you can take to lose weight healthily and keep it off. It will take time but it is worth it and you will be healthier in the long run. 

I shared these tips ages ago on my health blog when I had it and they are what helped me lose my baby weight so I thought I'd share them here again incase you didn't see them and are needing to lose baby weight or are starting to get in shape from spring/summer!

1. Swap all white foods for wholemeal. 
This is bread, pasta, spaghetti, wraps, flour anything you can imagine. And in terms of bread, no don't swap for brown or granary, it needs to be wholemeal/wholewheat and should really be seeded as it is less refined. They help fill you up for longer and release energy slowly. White processed foods burn off quickly leaving you hungry sooner and most of them are full of sugar making you crave sweet foods.

2. Get more protein/less carbs. 
Now, I can't do no carbs, I die. I need carbs, I just make sure they are wholewheat and portion controlled. Breakfast is always carb heavy with toast/porridge, peanut butter & fruit. But as the day goes on, I try to eat less and less carbs. Sometimes if I'm feeling 'strong' or trying to get back on track I will have no carbs at dinner, but not most the time. I also try to swap my usual snacks for protein heavy snacks; greek yogurt, plain grilled chicken breast, cheese & fruit.

3. Avoid sugar. 
  Sugar is the ENEMY! I see a lot of people (sometimes even me) eating all these 'low fat' snack bars. They may be low fat but they are FULL of processed sugars and guess what? Sugar is worse for your body than fat. It plays havoc with your sugar levels and causes weight gain. Try to go for things that are 9g or lower in sugar per serving.

4. Control your portions. 
  Portion control is key. This is how I am able to eat whatever I want and stay in shape. I eat chocolate every day. I have what I want, I just keep my portion size low and have it in moderation.

5. Eat slower & drink water. 
SAVOUR what you are eating. If I'm at home, I make sure I take the time to sit down and savour what I am eating. I don't grab something while I'm running upstairs and it's gone in 2 seconds. This goes hand in hand with portion control. You may think 'AH THAT IS THE TINIEST PORTION EVER IM STILL GOING TO BE STARVING' but, if you take smaller bites and really taste it, you will still be satisfied and full. Also, make sure your hydration is up as dehydration can sometimes make us think we're hungry when actually, we're thirsty. Always try to drink some water if you think you are hungry before going straight to the food!

Did you find these tips helpful? Do you do any of these at the moment?

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