Tuesday 18 February 2014

Parenting is stressful!

My recent video proved pretty popular and to my surprise I was left with a lot of supportive comments. I was honestly expecting a few hateful comments about the fact that I was 'moaning' about Sienna's behaviour when 99% of the time, she is as good as gold. 

I mention in the video that I do try and make my videos happy and cut out the parts where Sienna is screaming. I'm not trying to hide anything or pretend my life is perfect, but I just think who wants to watch a screaming child? Especially if you have your own to deal with… but on the other hand, my YouTube is for family videos, daily life and most of all, memories. Not everything is going to be happy and 'perfect', life has its ups and down and its the hard time that make you appreciate the good so I think I am going to start documenting a bit more 'truthful'. 

I have found that watching peoples videos who are moaning about their kids, or having a rubbish day, or crying for no reason makes me relate to them a lot more and makes me feel better in a way. It's nice to know we all experience pretty similar things as parents and it isn't wrong for us to feel annoyed, or like we're losing our patience, it's natural. I think every person who commented on my video said their child has gone through the same thing and they know how stressful it is. This made me realise I wasn't overreacting, it is stressful and you do care what other people think of you when they are giving you daggers cross the shop because your child is screaming and your ignoring them. 

We all knew parenting would be hard before we had kids but that doesn't mean we can always just deal with it or not get angry or upset. Becoming a parent doesn't just flick your emotions off, it more so flicks them on. So the next time you feel you are losing your patience or finding everything a bit too much, remember it will pass. Remember you are not alone, you're not a bad person for feeling these things and you are doing a great job! 

Here's the video if you'd like to catch up :)

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