Thursday 20 February 2014

Sienna's toddler room inspiration!

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Sienna is growing up so fast, I really can't believe it. Some days I look at her and I can't believe how she got so big, so quick. I am a mum of a 15 month old daughter. That is crazy to me!

toddler room

She seems very advanced for her age and I swear she is giving potty training signs already, or maybe that is wishful thinking! She has been sleeping through the night since 3 months old so I think she would transition easily to a toddler bed. I'm not sure wether to buy a nice toddler bed like this one from John Lewis or just try and take one side off her cot. It isn't technically a cot bed but it could work?! She also can't stand up in her Purflo SleepSac so wouldn't be able to get out when she wakes anyway, I don't think!

The other thing we need is a radiator cover. I really hate radiators with a passion, they are just so ugly and seem to be in the most awkward places sometimes. Sienna's get really hot which is obviously a hazard for her but without it on her room gets quite cold as it is big and an 'outside' room. I wish all houses came with pretty electric fires but they aren't exactly baby proof either, they just look much better and are smaller!

We also want to get her the little matching table and chairs to go with her bookcase and toy storage system. She loves colouring now and I think she'd love to have her own little space to colour rather than her being in her highchair. I'd obviously still supervise her when drawing though, otherwise I think we'd have multicoloured walls by the end of it!

For finishing touches, I want to get her the gingham bedding and maybe introduce a little pillow to her to make her feel more grown up and comfortable! I also think these Pabobo Lumilove night lights are super cute, safe and would give Sienna a bit of comfort if she did manage to climb out her bed and wander into the dark one night!

Anything else you would recommend for a toddler room?

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