Thursday 20 February 2014

How would you spend a lottery win?

*This post was written by Amanda Stevens

We all like to dream, but for 3,000 people in the UK over the past 18 years, the National Lottery has made their dream come true by making them millionaires overnight. The average jackpot win since 1994 has been £2.8m, which would seem like plenty enough money to set someone up for life.
Of course, today it’s as easy to take part in international lotteries as it is to buy at UK lotto ticket. Buying online, you’ve just as much chance of being a mega millions winner as you have of becoming a UK lotto millionaire. And while you’re having a try at winning one national lottery, you may as well get a ticket for an international lotto draw too.

So what is it that UK millionaire jackpot winners spend their money on when their numbers come in?
A surveyby Camelot and Oxford Economics has shown how the £8.5bn won in the National Lottery has been spent. The most popular area to spend lottery wins on is property – with more than £2.72 bn being spent on a main property by winners. Next on the list is investments, both current and those made for the future and for winners’ children. Most winners also show themselves to be generous, with £1.17 bn being spent on gifts for family and friends.

The majority of winners have given up work when they’ve won the lottery, although 19% have carried on working. However, 31% of winners take up some unpaid voluntary wok. Some lottery winners use their win to set up their own business (15%) and 9% have helped set others up in business. Businesses owned by lottery winners now employ 3,195 people.

Room for some treats
As well as buying a new home, many winners installed gadgets and luxury items in their new pads, including hot tubs, walk-in wardrobes and games rooms. Almost a third of winners employed a cleaner after their win and a quarter employed a gardener.

More than £460m has been spent on new cars with favoured brands including Audi, Range Rover, BMW, Mercedes and Land Rover. Lottery millionaires have purchased 17,190 cars in total.
Holidays are another luxury that lotto winners treat themselves too, with the US being the favoured destination, followed by the Caribbean, Dubai and the Canary Islands.

When you buy a lotto ticket, you’d better start drawing up a list of how you’d spend a jackpot win – you never know, it could happen to you!

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