Friday 21 February 2014

Sienna's OOTD #2!

I can't believe I have only got round to doing one of these posts so far! I love dressing Sienna now she is a toddler but getting photos is such a mission and sometimes I just don't have a spare hour before we go out to try and position her a million times to get a few good photos. That is why most of these photos are candids and blurry. In the end, I let her have her dummy and sit on her snail as you will see! Sorry about that.

I dressed Sienna in all her new clothes yesterday so thought I'd share her outfit so you can see what they look like on her. This collared jumper is just so cute and I love the coral colour with the dark grey leggings! I put her Converse on her for when we went out but forgot to picture them, you'll have to use your imagination ;)

Underneath she had this gorgeous minty green top that says 'Have a lovely day'. I really love this colour with the grey leggings too, I think she needs a mint jumper as well now ;) I added the glittery orange bow because I'm trying to avoid people calling her a boy! When she has her hood up you can't see her pony tail so she always get called a boy, I do find a little bow helps although she doesn't keep it in long! 

Hair bow; George @ Asda,
T-shirt; F&F @ Tesco,
Jumper; F&F @ Tesco,
Leggings; F&F @ Tesco,
Socks; TU @ Sainsburys. 

Seems we love a bit of supermarket clothing! ;)

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