Friday 7 February 2014

Save money on your energy bills with Hive!

Save money on your energy bills

If you are constantly hit with rising energy bills every month and are trying to find ways to cut them, let me introduce you to Hive, an offspring of the British Gas. They have just set up a very exciting new product which lets you monitor, alter and control your heating and hot through the touch of a button on your smart phone or browser. Very modern hey?

You can set alerts that can be sent to your phone to let you know when the temperature reaches a certain level. You can then take action by scheduling the heating or temperatures. This would be very handy on those days where you're out for the day or even the whole weekend and realised you've left the heating on full blast. I have done this a few too many times, and my other half has not been impressed with bills that followed.

Save money on your energy bills

The product itself includes a wireless thermostat, a receiver and the hub with access to your online account, the pin-lock Hive app and technical support. It is all installed by a British Gas engineer as a bolt on to your existing system. You don't have to be British Gas customers already but it is worth checking that your heating system is legible, you can do that by clicking here.

This innovative new product can save you up to £150 on your energy bills which is a massive difference. I really think this is a brilliant idea that is going to become popular fast. These days our smart phones can allow us to do so much, why not add saving money to the list?!

What do you think of this idea? Do you think you will look into it?

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