Tuesday 4 February 2014

How to get started with running

Running is something I have always wanted to enjoy. So many people talk about the 'Runners High' and feeling great, yet all I used to be left with was shaky legs and that awful nauseous feeling. How can you learn to love that?

My first toe dipping experience with running was back in February 2012. The 28th to be precise. Warren and I signed up to do our first 10k, we went out and bought new fitness gear and then hooked ourselves up with this 10k training plan. In just 9 weeks we were going to transform ourselves into hardcore, 10k runners. It started well and I started to enjoy it, pushing myself a bit harder each time.

Then I found out I was pregnant. 
The whole ball game changed just 2 weeks into it. I was so sick I could barely get out of bed let alone run! All that cured my sickness was McDonald's, bacon sandwiches and chocolate soya milk. So for 9 months, I did barely any exercise and ate a load of rubbish. I was dying to get back into running and feeling good about myself so after my 6 week post partum check up, Warren and I began running again. 

It was hard to get back into, I couldn't believe how unfit I'd become in those 10 months but I soon learnt to love it again and got better than I was before. I genuinely can't wait for the better weather to come so we can start running again! I know a lot of people want to love running as so they should, it is great cardio and free! 

Here are my top tips on how to get started!

Pic from here, Edited by Kerry Dyer.

1. Start slow!
Even if you're not training for anything specific like a 10k, similar plans are brilliant at getting you started with running. The jog then run sequences really helped me and didn't take that long to build up to full running, without even realising.

2. Run with a friend!
Running with Warren really helped motivate me, we could really spur each other on if one of us was struggling at any point.

3. Avoid injury!
You want to avoid injuries as they can be painful and stop you running for a good few weeks which can be disheartening if you are starting to love it. Stretching, warming up and cooling down can all help avoid injury as well as correctly fitted running shoes/trainers. I love asics as they cater for neutral, under and over-pronators at great prices, I love the colours as well!

4. Get in the zone!
If I'm feeling a little unfocused or like I really don't want to run but 'have' too, I will make sure I take my phone and music. I try to focus on the music rather than the running to get through it. Sometimes I will just use it as thinking time and before I know it, I'm done! Whatever helps you get in the zone is great.

5. Change it up!
As you get more into it, start to change things up so your body and mind don't get use to it. Run a different route, stop every 10 minutes and do 20 squats or lunges. Try and do intervals where you run faster for 30 seconds and then slowly jog for 30 seconds and repeat for however long. Not getting bored is the main factor in enjoying it and sticking to it.

I hope these tips are helpful to some of you and you start to love running to! :)

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