Sunday 2 February 2014

Fitness/Food Q&A!

I get a few questions here and there about my diet, workouts or losing weight so I thought I'd put together a Q&A as it is much easier to answering everything in one go! I have got all your questions from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and hopefully will answer them all here, be prepared or a long post, sorry!

What do you wear to work out? Is the Primark sportswear any good?

To be honest, nothing special as I normally workout in the privacy of my own home. Most of the time it is a sports bra and some old leggings. Sometimes I'll throw on a strappy top if I'm feeling bloated.

For my personal training, I did get some sportswear from Primark, the full length running leggings £9, sports bra £2/£3 and the running top £4. The quality and fit are very good, they are pretty much true to size (I got a size 8). They have secret ties on the inside so you can tighten them if you need too, this is great as I find it keeps them in place and they don't fall down! They also have a really handy pocket at the top on the back for whatever you wish to keep in it. 

The top again, fits nice and tight but not so it is too uncomfortable or the straps rub. I love the pink detailing, headphone pocket and built in sports bra! For the price, they are a fab buy and functional! The sports bra isn't the best but being so cheap, you wouldn't expect much. It is fine for a strength training day where I'm not jumping around too much!

On my feet, I wear New Balance Running Shoes but they are so old I don't even know which ones they are! I am thinking of getting some Asics next time though.

What workouts can I do at home? What equipment do I need?

Below are some of my favourite workouts that I do regularly at home with very little equipment. Warren and I also run in the warmer weather.

 It wasn't easy for me to lose my baby weight and it won't be for you either. Sorry, but there is no 'easy' or 'quick' way to successful, sustainable weight loss. Yes you can go on a 'diet' if you want but I guarantee you will not keep it off because ALL diets are rubbish and not sustainable. It has to be a LIFE change, not a quick fix. I did it by eating clean and working out, there is no secret! It is mostly all mental, you have to be in the right frame of mind and believe you can do it.
 You can see all the workouts I did HERE and the things I eat HERE.

What do you eat? 
See link above!

How do you fight cravings?

Again, I think this is another psychological answer more than anything. Don't tell yourself you can't have it, or you will want it. Every day when I wake up, I tell myself I can eat whatever I want and naturally I find myself choosing healthier options because I want to feel good and don't want to undo all my hard work. It is reverse psychology. If I do really want something, I will have it. I try to balance it out so if I know I am going out at the weekend for a meal, I will cut my portions down by a few spoonfuls each evening that week to make up for it. Then when I go out I can order a burger and fries and not feel bad about it. I also have 2 squares of dark chocolate a day to combat chocolate cravings.

Best exercise for the mummy tummy?

Plank, plank, plank. Plank your heart out! Side planks and all. If you have muscle separation from pregnancy (click here for more info) then DO NOT do any ab exercise apart from side planks until it is fully closed. That is what I am currently working on as my PT said I have it but it is only about an inch, so shouldn't take too long to close up!

How many times a week do you work out & how long for?

It really varies, in an ideal world it would be 5 times a week for 30-45 minutes but most days time and energy does not allow that to happen. It is probably more like 3/4 times a week for 20-30 minutes on average.

How do you keep motivated?

I did a video on my YouTube see HERE. It is old but I think if you find something you enjoy and don't loathe, you're more likely to stick to it. I have learnt to love exercise!

Does your partner eat the same as you?

When he is home, yep! No way am I cooking 2 different meals in the same tone as no way am I sitting in a corner eating salad by myself! Food is meant to be enjoyable and I love food so I make healthy meals than all the family can enjoy, even Sienna. Sometimes I will cut out the carbs of mine if I have been indulging too much or have a special occasion I want to look lean for but that is all.

I hope this helped! Do let me know if you think of anymore questions :)

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