Tuesday 4 February 2014

Weaning your baby

Weaning a baby can be a fun experience, trying new textures and flavours is exciting for a baby and the faces they make can be priceless! I loved weaning Sienna and it was nice to see her enjoying her food as much as we enjoy ours!

baby led weaning
Trying banana for the first time BLW style!

We started off by feeding her purees as to be honest I was pretty clueless about BLW at this point and kind of just followed what my mum did with me and my brothers. I would make my own puree's from Annabel Karmel's weaning recipes. I actually got one of her books free with Mother & Baby magazine and it was very useful. We soon swapped to BLW when I found out about it as I just thought it would be better for our family. I have done a whole post on the pros and cons of baby led weaning here if you want to take a look at that.

We were very lucky and Sienna took to weaning and new textures extremely well. By the age of 9 months she was eating everything we were eating and nothing was pureed, just cut up and she would use her hands to feed herself. When we are out she loves to snack on the Annabel Karmel tomato corn snacks we get from Tesco.

Now that she is nearly 15 months, we have introduced her to cutlery. She is kind of getting the hang of it, if we put the food on the spoon or fork Sienna can guide to her mouth and eat it however she does struggle to pick anything up with the fork or spoon herself. I am sure she will get the hang of it if we just keep going!

If you are unsure about weaning, there are so many weaning guides you can use but remember ultimately it is down to you. Every baby is different and every mother parents differently so follow your instinct and try not to let anyone tell you what to do. I also think you should do as much research as possible, I wish I had known about BLW before we weaned her so we could have gone straight to that.  Never mind, there's always next time!

How did you find weaning your baby? What do you think of BLW?

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