Thursday 2 January 2014

What I Hope For In 2014!

So the New Year has began and it has already started off brilliantly for me. We had a quiet night in for New Years Ever, had the biggest Indian feast you have ever seen and then spent New Years Day having lunch out and visiting family. New Years Eve is something you kind of give up when you become a parent but I don't mind, I'm a home girl anyway!

So for 2014, I/we have a few hopes and dreams that I thought I'd share as everyone seems to be doing the same!

1. Get back on the healthy eating.
This is probably what most people want every year, I have been slacking lately due to just being so busy and exhausted but  I need to cut down on chocolate, all that sugar is probably why I have such bad skin!

2. Get pregnant.
This is probably no surprise to you if you know me, I have been so broody for ages and is the one thing I am praying for this year! It hasn't happened yet but I don't want to stress out about it, I'm sure it will happen when the time is right and to be honest, Sienna is still so young and I am enjoying spending my time with her now she can communicate a lot more. We don't really have a time frame as we have no control over it but I would like to be at least a couple months pregnant before she is 2 next November at the latest. I'd rather a positive test in the next couple of months though but we will have to wait and see!

3. Stop feeling so stressed-Get 'me' time.
I constantly feel like I never have enough time, I am always rushing and panicking about things. I just need to calm down, chill out and take some more me time to get that exercise in! Exercise is my 'me' time, I need to make time for exercise, I find it helps my mood, stress levels, energy and of course, body.

4. Make the most of life.
This is one thing I really want to change. Most days, Sienna and I are just sat in all day, I don't even get dressed or put make-up on. This is nice every one in a while but doing it most days makes me feel quite down and horrible about myself. I need to get up, put some slap on, get dressed and do something, even if it's a little walk or look around the shops, I'm sure it will help boost my mood. We will also still be trying to get in more family days/activities on Sundays.

What do you hope for?

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