Thursday 2 January 2014

Heat Holders Thermal Leggings

You may have noticed that it's been a bit cold lately, if you're in England that is. Before Christmas, I was sent the Heat Holders Thermal Leggings to try out. I have never tried Thermals before as to be honest, I am quite a hot bod. Having said that, I do feel the cold when I'm out walking with Sienna or shopping and I hate wearing lots of clothes and layers, so thermal seemed a possible solution. I was surprised that they weren't a lot thicker and was a bit sceptical as to how they would help keep my legs warm, seeing as they were thinner than some of my regular leggings/tights.

I wore these the other day and normally with leggings, I feel the cold hit my legs the second I open the door but with these, I didn't. It wasn't until nearer the late afternoon, I realised my legs hadn't felt the cold at all, despite being out most of the day shopping, it must be that 0.39 tog! They really do help hold the heat in and I'm very impressed, I think I need a few more pairs, definitely worth the £15 to not freeze my bum off and be grumpy! I personally love the fact they aren't too thick or heavy but still keep the cold out, they are what I have been wearing with a lot of outfits, even my Christmas outfit!

Do you wear Thermals in the winter?

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