Thursday 2 January 2014

Oh, how I wish we had a fireplace...

Having just had Christmas, I have to admit I did get a little sad every time I saw someone's fireplace decorated with lots of garlands, lights, baubles and of course, stockings. I have always wanted a lovely fireplace and I can often be found googling fireplace designs. I think they act as a lovely focal point to the room, they are great for displaying photos and clocks and not to mention the actual fire brings warmth and cosiness to the room, something I am always striving to create!

I feel like having a fire shows your home is a 'family' home, and that is what I want mine to feel like. The modern balanced flue gas fires are brilliant, much less mess and effort than a real fire and obviously, we don't have a chimney! They can also come with a remote control which would be handy, although I'm not sure Sienna needs another remote control to play with and break, haha! Maybe one day we may be able to move to a house with a fireplace or be able to get one for this house.. but for now, it will just be added to my list of 'essentials' I want for our dream home...! (yeah right!)

Do you have a fireplace?

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