Thursday 9 January 2014

Sofia The First

Sienna has been introduced to her first Disney Princess in doll form; Meet Sofia The First.

 Call me old (or say I've been living under a rock..), but I have only just found the existence of Sofia The First. We haven't introduced Sienna to many Disney films yet and definitely not the Disney princess'. I do they feel they are for the slightly older children and have been holding off until her next birthday. Well, I had been holding off. That was until she received this talking Disney Princess and Animal friends. She caught onto the fact you have to press the necklace straight away and Warren and I probably know every phrase off by heart now! 

She has also been loving the animal friends, in particular the birds. I have noticed her increased attention in birds recently, maybe she is cottoning on to what they are. She has had so much fun with this talking doll and animals and I think it has resulted in her babbling a whole lot more and picking up a few new words, including something that sounds similar to 'pretty'. While Sofia is very pretty, I have had to remove her shoes though as when Sienna got bored of putting them on her and taking them off a thousand times in a row, she decided they'd be better in her mouth!

Sienna has become attached to Sofia and I often find her sat having a full blown 'babbling' conversation with her and the birds! It's so adorable it melts my heart and I actually let out a 'awww' under my breath complete with puppy dog eyes.
If you have older children who are more into Xbox's and laptops instead of dolls, make sure you cover yourself with something like Direct Line home insurance! They are a bit pricier to replace if they become attached ;) I am thinking about it for Rainbow as god forbid we should lose him!

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