Wednesday 8 January 2014

How to prepare your children for a professional photo shoot!

If you’ve finally taken the plunge and you’ve booked a professional photo shoot to capture your ‘little darlings’, you may be wondering how you can turn them into little angels for the day so that you get some lovely pictures.
How to prepare your children for a professional photo shoot
Your best form of defence is no doubt being prepared. We’re aware this sounds like a bit of a nightmare, so we’ve put together a list of how to do so, with minimal hair-tearing.

Let them know what they can expect on the day
Letting them know exactly what will happen on the day will help you both when they get behind the camera. Key things to clue them in on include how long it will take, what they will have to do and what they’re not allowed to do. Also emphasis that photo shoots are supposed to be fun and you want them to really enjoy it.

Have them practise poses/smiles
This may sound a little bonkers but it can really help. A good idea is to find something that genuinely makes them laugh or showcase a beautiful, natural smile. If it’s a funny toy or game, take it with you on the day. Your photographer will no doubt appreciate the extra help, and it will help your little ones relax more.

Introduce them to the photographer beforehand
How to prepare your children for a professional photo shoot
Take them with you to the studio when you book it or on a later date arranged with the professional photographer who has been assigned to your shoot. Companies like encourage this as it can eliminate shyness and awkwardness on the big day. It can also be a great chance to discuss any ideas or concerns, too.

Choose outfits that they like
Just like anyone, they’ll be most happy and comfortable in an outfit that they like, rather than something you’ve picked out that you’re convinced they’ll look ‘perfect’ in. Why not choose something together so that you can all be happy? Also take into account how sibling’s clothes will look together so that you avoid a clash. Kid’s fancy dress is always a winner!

Take a back-up outfit
How to prepare your children for a professional photo shoot
Accidents happen, especially when little fingers are clutching on to rapidly melting chocolate bars. To avoid the panic of your child having a massive stain in the middle of their shirt halfway through the shoot, be armed with a back-up outfit that they can change into, should anything go wrong.

Choose props that they love
A great way to make the photos extra special and personalised is to showcase their personalities using their favourite belongings. This can also cement a precious memory. For example, if they have a special teddybear that they don’t go anywhere without, have it included in the photograph. Speak to the photographer and ask if they have any ideas on how to incorporate your little one’s favourite items into the photos to make them a special feature, rather than just something to keep them occupied, too.  

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