Thursday 9 January 2014

Top 3 Fun Snow Activities for Families!

Just before Christmas, Warren got my hopes up by telling me we were in with a high chance of a white Christmas. I am a lover of snow and can't wait for it to snow again now Sienna is a bit older. Last year, she was too young to know what was going on and missed out on all the snowman making!

This week, he has done it again after finding this quote from Jessica Bridge, PR and Communications Executive for Ladbrokes recently commented "The odds suggest a White Christmas might be making a late appearance this winter." (Typical Warren on a betting site! Tut tut!) But Yippee! So I thought I'd share some fun activities to do in the snow. I know snow can be very inconvenient for some people but for kids and families, it can be extremely fun! :)

Fun Snow Activities!

Fun Snow Activities for Families!
(photo from our Snow Day last year)

Obviously, snowman making is a must! But don't stop at just snowman, see what other things and animals you can make. Use natural sources like leaves, grass, twigs and rocks to give you some inspiration, it's a brilliant one for the creative minds in the family.

If you and your children's are into animals and wildlife, a DIY bird feeder is a brilliant idea. Not only is it fun for you but it is wonderful for the birds as well. This one is so simple using an orange, some nuts and seeds and a bit of string. Hang it on a fence or tree in a spot that you can see out of the window and watch the wildlife enjoy it!

This is a new one I recently found and I can't wait to try it! When the temperature is below 0 degrees, blow bubbles and keep them or catch them on the wand and watch them freeze into ice bubbles! I could literally squeal at the thought, it seems so magical! I hope it works!

There are so many more actives you can create in the snow, even the most simplest game of hide and seek can become more fun. I have picked the ones that won't require us to be outside for long amounts of time as Sienna is still so young but if your kids are older, go wild and see what you can come up with! I'd love to hear what you'll get up too if it snows!

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