Wednesday 1 January 2014

Purflo SleepSac Review

As well as being an Ambassador for Koo-di, I am also an ambassador for Purflo and it's time for my first review. Purflo is a brand that I love, more so for the concept behind the brand than the actual products, but of course the products are wonderful too!

If you haven't heard about Purflo and their concept before, I'll give you a little run down so you can find your passion for this brand too. Purflo's first product was a mattress, which is some peoples minds may just be the most boring product ever. Why get excited about a mattress? Is there not 100 other mattresses to choose from? Well, yes, there is, but none like Purflo. 

The Purflo mattress offers a unique, breathable mesh surface that helps support and conforms better to a baby's shape. This is important as it then eliminates the risk of CO2 pooling on the mattress and being rebreathed by your baby which can be fatal. Other fantastic features of the mattress are that it reduces the risk of overheating, contains Amicor, the anti-allergenic, can be disassembled and is the only fully washable cot mattress.

Purflo, is all about the science on how to reduce cot death, overheating, allergens and any other risk that may cause our babies harm during their sleep. As a parent, this helps put your mind at rest so much and allows you and baby to get a crucial nights sleep.

Speaking of a crucial nights sleep, we have been using the Purflo Sleepsac and I believe this is what has been helping the Conway Clan get a really good nights sleep lately!  

Sienna has always been a great sleeper so I wasn't really expecting anything different by using this if I'm honest. By terms of great sleeper, I mean she'd go down at around 7pm, wake a couple of times during the night but only if she lost her dummy/was cold/has her leg stuck in the bars... those kind of things, then within 5 minutes of me sorting the problem, she was back to sleep until waking at 6/7am. We put her in the Sleepsac one night to try it and she was a bit confused, she wasn't keen on the thought of having restricted movement although I wouldn't advise anyone to stand in a sleeping bag anyway!

Sienna is a hot bod like me, so we have rarely used sleeping bags for her in the past, another reason why I was unsure if this would work with us, however, with the 100% cotton outer and Bamboo Dream lining, it seems to keep her nice and snug but not overly warm and stops her from waking because she has kicked the covers off. It has the detachable arms that we do use if it is slightly warmer or we are having the heating on all night, that is a great feature to have!

 It also have a nice wide, handy zip all the way around that you can undo easily without disturbing too much, we don't use this feature much as she no longer needs changing during the night but for a smaller baby this would be excellent no doubt. Despite having quite a few zips on it, they are all covered very well by the zip guards meaning the Sleepsac is still very comfortable and protecting of your little one.

Sienna suffered with a bit of eczema when she was younger so this would have been great for her then as just like the mattress, it has the Anti-allergenic Amicor filling so you don't have to worry about those pesky allergens that are linked to asthma and eczema. This night, Sienna slept straight through from 7pm until 8am and this has become a regular thing when wearing the Sleepsac! It keeps her temperature controlled, she can't get into any awkward positions including any legs getting stuck through the bars and we all seem to have a solid nights sleep. I have been using it nearly every night since and it has definitely further improved my already good little sleeper!

When baby number 2 comes along, I will definitely be purchasing one of these in the hope it sleeps right through from day one.... ;)

Is Purflo a brand you are passionate about too? Had you heard of them and the concept before?

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