Tuesday 31 December 2013

How to store all those new toys?

If you're children were spoilt at Christmas like Sienna, I bet you have spent the last few days trying to narrow down and organise all the toys into a new home. I know we have been and at the moment, most of it is still in my living room, despite Sienna having the biggest bedroom in the house! The amount of toys she has is crazy, god knows how you parents with more than 1 child cope!

One good thing, is that all the January sales are on, so you can get some great childrens bedroom furniture on sale. We actually got Sienna a bookcase for Christmas, the worlds apart sling bookcase from bambino direct (1), as she has so many books, yet nowhere to store them properly. Piling them all into her toy box is not really ideal and they nearly fill it and then her toys have no home. It wasn't the most exciting present as it came flat packed in a cardboard box but never mind, it is useful and that is the main function of a bookcase, no?

childrens storage

We actually just ordered this matching storage bin (2) for her as well, this will then store more of her toys, as well as her toy box! I love having things in boxes as it separates them into categories and will be easier for her to choose what type of toy she wants to play with, than dragging everything out to find what she is looking for... I hope.

Lastly because she has SO much 'stuff', we were thinking of getting one of these white childrens storage cubes for the landing. As the second floor will eventually be the 'kids' floor, I don't mind their bits and bobs being in the landing as well, as long as the furniture is a little more neutral! It would probably house a lot of cuddly toys and maybe things like her photo albums and memory boxes, I don't like them being shoved away in the cupboards but at the same time, I don't want Sienna pulling them out and ripping them up! She has a stair gate on her bedroom door so could only get to this storage when (and if) I let her.

I think with these extra additions, most of her toys should be housed nicely, phew! I just hope it stays organised... well, until her next birthday that is!

How do you store your kids toys and books? Do you keep it all in one room or have it dotted around the house?

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