Monday 6 January 2014

Love The Little Things #1

The 'Some Things I Have Loved' has now changed to the 'Love The Little Things' over at Morgana's blog, it is the same concept and I am still joining in :) So here we go!


I'm not a big reader so these will probably mainly be mags rather than books, although I do want to try and find time to read! This month I got Women's Health and it has really motivated me with my healthy eating and workouts!


We got a free movie from Sky for Christmas so we rented Hangover 3 the other day as we hadn't seen it yet! It was good but wasn't really about a hangover, haha. I don't think you can ever beat the first one either!

Essie Matte About You The Salon Look review

Matte nails! I received the Essie Matte About You as this months product from The Salon Look and I have been loving it! I didn't think I'd like matte nails but for the winter I think it looks lovely. It actually makes some of my quite shiny polishes much nicer! It's currently on offer too so grab it quick!


Sienna playing her musical floor keyboard with her feet! She received it for Christmas from my brother and has got the hang of running up and down it and it is very noisy but she squeals with excitement so I can't help but smile! :)

I made a cottage pie last night and it was YUM! I tried to take some pictures but it is the most ugly thing to photograph, haha! I used sweet potato mash on the top and extra lean mince so it was pretty healthy but full of flavour! I had the leftovers for lunch earlier, mmmm!

and lastly..

Getting back into routine! As much as I love having a break and Warren being home, it is nice to get back into my routine. I get so lazy when he is home, haha! I am on a mission to get this house sorted as well! I alway feel like it is such a tip.

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