Sunday 5 January 2014

Blossom Lingerie for Valentines Day!

If I'm honest, I don't wear sets of underwear on a day to day basis, for me they are more for special occassions. Valentines Day is just 6 weeks away and this year, I want Warren and I to try and make it a bit more special than we normally do. Since we've been together, we have never done much for Valentines day as we have either been working, looking after Sienna or just not had much spare money so we say don't bother.

I feel like some luxury underwear is a great investment for Valentines day. If you get something subtle, quite neutral and not too over the top, it can be worn again for nights out, or even everyday. It can really boost a women's confidence, and now I have got a bit more into fashion and actually got properly measured, I have realised how important it is to have good, well fitted underwear. And of course, your partner/husband is bound to love it too, win win!

blossom lingerie

Blossom Lingerie do many different types of underwear, from plunging bras, to strapless bras, to basques. I put together my top picks for Valentines Day, this matching set  is perfect for me. I love black (especially with a tan) and all I will wear is balcony bras as I find them the most flattering for me. I love the extra bit at the bottom this has and the lace is very feminine and pretty. I really love it!

Number 2 is a bit more subtle, it's still pretty with the strap detailing and bow but a bit more appropriate for everyday and a lighter, wearable colour. It's also a multi way bra which adds to the investment value. Number 3 is probably what you'd expect when you hear the words Valentine and Lingerie together. If you are really trying to impress or like to wear basques quite a lot (I'm not judging!) this Antoinette Basque would be a great option for you. I think it's sexy but still quite feminine and pretty.
Last but not least, number 4 is a pretty half lace number in this gorgeous valentine red colour. It's a plunge bra so will definitely be a winner with your man! Again, I think this would be perfect for everyday wear too if you don't mind a plunge bra.

If luxury underwear is the route you're going down for Valentines day, definitely check Blossom Lingerie out!

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