Wednesday 8 January 2014

Our stunning driftwood mirror!

For the longest time I have wanted a mirror in our living room. Just like a fireplace, I find they make the room feel cosy and those 2 things are what I deem to be the essentials of a 'family' room along with a few other pieces.

We all know my love for dark, rustic, wooden furniture and such so this mirror from A Shade Wilder looked perfect and I know it would go well in our house.

When it arrived, I was SO excited although my first thoughts were that I didn't know where it was going to go. Living room? Our bed room? Hallway? It would look gorgeous in any of them. I decided on Living Room in the end not only from the reason above but I just felt like it was so lovely, I didn't want it where people wouldn't take notice of it.

This is the Driftwood Mirror in a lovely dark charcoal with distressing of metallics and natural wood. It has wonderful carved frame that gives the whole mirror some dimension and attraction. It is just simply stunning!

I decided to put it above our sofa as we actually found out our opposite wall isn't solid enough to hold our mirror, it is pretty heavy as it is wood. I was a bit annoyed about this to start with but now I think it looks much better above the sofa, and I don't think it looks too small either, I really love it and have been smiling every time I walk into the Living Room and see it!

That is how you know it's the right piece for you and your home.

If you're into unique or risqué art and home decor, A Shade Wilder have some amazing wallpaper, wall art and cushion so definitely check them out!

PS. you better appreciate this post, I put the mirror up myself and even found out the paint to touch up the scratches and toddler hand prints on the wall before photographing ;)

What do you think? What do you love on the website? 
I adore the Canary Wharf at Night Canvas, it's beautiful! I may have to save hard for that though...

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