Tuesday 17 December 2013

Gift Cookie


Personalised products seem to be hitting the spot this year, being featured on every wish list I have seen. They show that you have given that extra bit of thought, so are perfect for Christmas and showing family how much you appreciate them. What I love about Gift Cookie is that they offer a slightly different range, I could get all my families presents from there and be really happy with what I got them.

As well as the range being a bit more unusual, I also think the pricing is great as well! Sometimes you pay over the odds just because it's personalised but these items are still affordable. Above are my top picks and I could put each one of these to someone in my family, I'd also like a few myself! The tin of tea would be great for my mum and me, although mine would contain green tea of course! The goalkeeper mugs would be great for my brother and the bauble is lovely idea for Warren from Sienna. At the moment, we don't have many ornaments on our Christmas tree that mean anything and I want to collect them over the next few years!

As well as many of these brilliant products, they also do experience days which is great. They aren't the first website to do this however, I noticed again that the pricing is brilliant! You can get a helicopter buzz for two at £99 for the adrenaline lovers or afternoon tea for 2 at just £29 for the more traditional couple. Perfect gifts for a sibling and their partner or even your grandparents! They really do have a unique, personalised gift for everyone.

What would you pick for yourself?

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