Monday 16 December 2013

Weekend round up #1; A long family weekend!

This weekend, we decided we needed to make more of our weekends, especially Sundays. We don't really do much Saturdays as Warren has football and on Sundays we used to just chill and relax. That of course is nice every once in a while and was perfect when Sienna was smaller, but now Sienna is a getting older and needs more interaction, I wanted to start going on day trips out and have more quality family time. We also realised that we needed more 'us' time without Sienna, having a baby really takes over your life and while we adore her to pieces, we still need to focus on each other.

Saturday night, Warren's mum kindly babysat Sienna while we went to a party & then onto our local club. I always feel guilty leaving Sienna, I feel as if I'm being irresponsible and should never go out now I am a mum but I know we all need and deserve some time off! Once I started drinking I let go a bit, stopped worrying and started enjoying myself more than I thought I would. So much so that I was actually the one saying I wanted to go to the club so I could dance! 

I wore a crop top which was a bit scary, I haven't EVER worn one, let alone since having a baby! I wasn't the shortest top though so you could only see an inch of my skin at most. I just worn my black skirt, tights and flat black boots on the bottom and I accessorised with my gorgeous new tartan scarf from (mine is the Chisholm modern scarf) on the top. I absolutely love it and have been wearing it non stop (as you will see in a minute). 

Sunday was mostly spent in bed trying to get rid of my hangover whilst Warren looked after Sienna downstairs (thanks babe!). In a way it's a nice distraction having a toddler when you're hungover, seeing her smiling face in the morning and toddling around babbling to herself instantly made me feel better. Although I was glad I could get a few more hours sleep! In the afternoon we decided to go for a yummy carvery. We have a great pub down the road from us that does the BEST carvery.

Once again, I wore my classic boots, tights and skirt. This time I opted for my red skirt and black stripy top. I love the clash of stripes and tartan, it's interesting but not too much. Of course, for my jacket I wore my Open Front Mohair Cardigan from OASAP that I can't get enough of either. It's so warm and snuggly, perfect for this time of year to just throw on going out the door. It seems to go with every outfit, I wore this Saturday night over my crop top too. 

At the pub, Sienna was given a little colouring book and crayons which kept her amuse while daddy was getting her food! I haven't introduced drawing to her yet as I was worried she would just eat the crayons but she was pretty good, she did put them in her mouth at one point but I said no and she carried on scribbling, such an angel! We will definitely be practising drawing from now on.

Warren had also booked Monday off so we had an extra day to take advantage of, yay! We had a lazy morning and then decided to take Sienna to soft play. It was very quiet and we were the only ones there but that was great because they said we were allowed to take her around the 'big' kids upstairs bit. It was so much fun although Sienna was in a bit of a funny mood, I think she was tired!

We then all got a bit hungry after all that play so we went to Costa for lunch. I normally get the chicken fajita wrap but as it was nearly 2pm, they didn't have much left. I went for the sausage, cheese and caramelised onion toastie and it was SO good, we also shared a packet of vegetable crisps! I had a salted caramel latte with soya milk to drink and then Warren and I shared a chocolate tiffin and honeycomb crunch, oh what a perfect lunch!

Sienna had an egg sandwich, some crisps and a blueberry muffin!

On the way home, we stopped off at Warren's mum's work to see her and Sienna was full of energy! It was a lovely end to our day, now we are home, Sienna is in bed and I am about to start wrapping her christmas presents! We had such a lovely family day even if Sienna was a bit grumpy (just look at that face below, haha!!) Tomorrow it is back to emails, cleaning and sorting out things like motor trade insurance, oh the joys! At least I have next weekend to look forward too :)

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