Tuesday 17 December 2013


You may have seen on my Instagram a few weeks ago that I took a pic after opening my Degustabox. I thought it was about time I shared my views on this as I did get a few questions about what it was, the price etc. 

Degustabox review

Deustabox is a monthly subscription box that delivers a box of surprise food and drinks. I was really intrigued at this because 1) We love food and 2) I am forever spending money on food, so a monthly subscription seemed to be a great way to save a bit of money whilst still enjoying nice products.

Inside we had a great range of products, I sorted them into groups to photograph to make it easier, so above we have 'snacky bits'; Belvita breakfast cocoa & choc chip biscuits, Belvita breakfast duo crunch bars and 2 bags of Yu! granola snacks.

We are big snacky people and already buy the Belvita ourselves so we were pleased to see them in there! The Yu! granola is something I haven't seen before but would definitely pick up again, they are a nice sweet treat for the afternoon but healthier than a choccy bar!

Next up, we had quite a few Bisto and Oxo products, all the gravy are brilliant to include for the winter box and will come in handy over Christmas! The Oxo Shake & Flavour is lovely on our sweet potato chips! 

We got a couple of Levi Roots products, we have used the cooking sauce and it was very nice. I am not usually a lover of spicy food so I was sceptical but this was so flavourful with a little bit of heat, we will look out for these again when we are shopping!

For drinks, Warren was happy to see some beers in here, he has even enjoyed the non alcoholic one! I have tried the Chai Latte although only with water, I need to try it with milk as everyone says it is lovely. We also got an extra present of Green & Black's chilli chocolate, what a nice touch!

The Deustabox is £12.99 a month including shipping which I think is great for what you get. Overall we had a great range of products and brands, some we already love and some we love after trying them. If you're a foodie and love trying new flavours, this is one for you!

Find Degustabox on Twitter & Facebook and GET £3.00 OFF YOUR FIRST BOX WITH PROMO CODE 'livedwithlove999'.

Have you tried Degustabox? 
What do you think of the concept?

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