Wednesday 27 November 2013

How to save money for Christmas

We all know Christmas is coming up and it is probably the most expensive time of the year for all of us.  At the forefront of our minds is how we are going to afford it and how we can make a bit of extra money leading up to it. I thought I'd share a few tips we do that has lowered our bills or earned us a bit of money this year. 

Turn off all your switches.
I am in the habit of doing this everyday without even thinking about it now, however, I need to remember in order to make a cup of coffee, I do have to turn it back on! I swear it makes a difference to our bills, every penny counts!

Have a clear out.
Before the kids get mountains of new toys this December, have a clear out and see if you have any antiques you could sell to make room! You can get a broad range of antiques valued by experts on places like Value My Stuff to ensure you receive a fair price before selling them on the likes of eBay. It is so easy to use, you can see how it works here. These guys were actually on Dragons Den, I remember watching them on there and they received 100k funding! You never know what may be hiding in that attic; Coins, Stamps and Sports memorabilia fetch a high price. I wish Warren would let me sell some of his Liverpool memorabilia, this piece above is signed and I have always wondered if we should get it valued, I am sure we could make a bit of money from it! He might be persuaded if they have a fairly high price... ;) 

Use your appliances wisely!
Put lids on saucepans and try to use an airer instead of tumble drying. All these things use a lot of electricity so it makes a lot of sense. You may see a little improvement before this Christmas but most definitely before next!

What are your top tips?
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