Wednesday 27 November 2013

Beebies Christmas Wishlist!

A Very Beebies Christmas!

As Sienna has only just had her first birthday, we aren't going too crazy with Christmas this year. I just felt her 1st birthday called for a bigger celebration than her second Christmas! I'm pretty sure she will be more excited by the wrapping paper anyway!

You all know I'm a Beebies Ambassador and so I thought I'd share our wish list for Sienna. Beebies really have a brilliant, unique range for all ages, there was a lot more I had on my list than this! First of all, these Alphabet Stacking Blocks would be so fun, Sienna hasn't actually got any building type blocks yet, except from her stacking stars in the bath. I love that these have the alphabet on as it means they can help her learn as she gets older, but I think you are never too young to start!

I am going to HAVE to get her one of these Cuddledry cuddledeer's for christmas! They are just so adorable and festive. Sienna's hooded baby towels are too small for her now so I need to stock up on a few of these, they do other designs as well for when the festivities are over!

What a brilliant idea this Peppa Pig Aquadoodle mat is! Mess free for mummy but fun for baby, perfect! I really need to get one of these for Sienna, mess free is ideal as we have very light coloured carpets! I have also thought about this being a great present for her when the next baby comes as she can have fun with it but I don't need to worry that she will feed the baby crayons! But that is not anytime soon!

We had thought of getting Sienna a rocking horse for christmas but when I saw this Snail Rocker, I wanted this instead! It's so cute, a little bit safer for her than a normal wooden rocking horse as it has the  seat and I love the pastel colours. I think Sienna would love it :)

Last but by no means least, this My 1st Computer would be a great addition to Sienna's toy box. She is getting more and more aware of our laptop because Mummy is on it quite a lot (woops!). She just comes over and presses the buttons, she has even managed to send an email saying zlflqnef,qbf. Oh yes, thanks Sienna! haha!

If you're looking for inspiration, check out the Beebies Christmas Gift Guide. Don't forget to tag #AVeryBeebiesChristmas so we can see what you're loving :)

What would you choose to have A Very Beebies Christmas?

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