Thursday 28 November 2013

Recent beauty bits!

These beauty posts on my blog are few and far between these days. This is not because I don't love beauty anymore, it's just that at the moment, I feel like I can't relate to beauty as much as I used too. Now Sienna is a year old and toddling around, she is so full on and needs a lot more attention and stimulation, it leaves little time for hair and make-up, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Sienna is definitely the focus of my life so for now, I am going to be doing these monthly or bi-weekly beauty posts, combining any new beauty products and bits I have been buying/using/testing in one post. It is just more manageable and organised for me, I hope that's ok!

Xen-Tan Body Scrub
This is great, it really exfoliate leaving the skin soft and clean and perfectly ready for tanning! I love the colour of it too, it makes using it more fun :)

Xen-Tan Face Tanner Luxe
This is nice, it gave my face a nice soft colour and left it feeling smooth and nourished from the Vitamin E and Shea butter. I do think it made me break out though so I haven't used it since, but when my skin has cleared up, I will try it one more time to see if it was coincidence or not.

Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel
I was really excited to use this as we all know I love my tan! I was surprised at the sparkle in it, it is like covering yourself in shimmer powder! I'm not sure if the sparkle is for me but it did give me a nice natural tan colour. I'm was wearing it on Sienna's birthday and it lasted and faded really well, I could tell it was a high quality tan.

I've been using these for a couple of days and I LOVE them. They are finely milled, help mattify my skin without making it look cakey and the best thing is they are paraben free. They haven't made me break out like the Rimmel Stay Matte powder does so I am very happy. It's also very handy having the 3 different colours; Translucent Ivory, Soft Sand & Warm Honey. When I am a little paler, the Warm Honey shade is the perfect, natural contour colour for me. at only £3.99 these are a bargain and great for sensitive skin like mine!

A gorgeous, easy to use eyeliner. The pen for is so quick and handy and the nib is perfect, you can create a thin or thick line. The satin finish means is draws so easily and there is no dragging of the eyes. I have been using this daily as it is much easier and quicker than using my gel liner and a brush.

This lipstick is so dreamy, I've been wearing it constantly! It is the perfect Autumn/Winter colour and I find it great for my skin & hair colouring, I am always drawn to these kind of shades. It is a little darker than pictured but still gorgeous. The formulation is the best I have ever used, they are such amazing quality. It is so pigmented, leaves a glossy finish and feels SO moisturising. I can't express how much I LOVE this lipstick. Rouge Bunny Rouge is really becoming my favourite make-up brands, they are a little more expensive but I think they are definitely worth it. I'd rather pay for these than buy a MAC lipstick!

GlamGlow Youth-Mud Treatment
This mud mask is right up my street, I love face masks as I have quite combination/oily skin and it can get quite congested. I always reach for a face mask to calm it down and help me feel better. This worked wonders, I was breaking out quite badly but after using this my skin started clearing up. I love products I can feel working and this tingles so I felt like it was doing something. After I removed the mask, my skin felt super soft, clearer and less oily. LOVE it!

GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment
This again really feels like it is working. I'm not sure if I took it too far down or if it was just because my skin is quite sensitive, but it did start to sting the very tops of my cheeks for a few seconds. It soon went away without me having to remove the treatment or anything and there was no redness or stinging when I did remove it, so it wasn't too bad! The results were fantastic; my under eye area looked brighter, less puffy and I swear it helped my dark circles?! My fine lines were gone, the skin around them felt softer and nourished and my eyes just generally felt more awake and refreshed.
I'm so impressed with these samples of GlamGlow, it's the first time I have used any of their products but I can see why they are so popular, they give fantastic results and really do what they say!

Do you love any of these? What appeals to you the most?

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