Sunday 3 November 2013

Goodfellas Chillax pack!

I think most of us these days are guilty of using technology as a way of keeping in touch, rather than actually meeting up and having a good old catch up. I know a quick text is a great way to check in with people if you are busy and tight for time but it can't replace a face to face conversation.

Goodfellas Chillax pack* gave us the perfect excuse to gather a few friends round on a random Tuesday night. The pack included a pizza stone & cutter, pizza voucher, chill out CD, disposable camera, wine and candles. It really helped set the scene for a relaxing week night evening and we enjoyed a good old natter in between mouthfuls of Goodfella's Extra Thin Pizzas.

It really made us realise we have to make the effort to do it more. Now than Warren and I are parents, we can't always go out with our friends but don't always want to be sat at home on our own, so having them around is the perfect compromise. Next time you need a catch up, grab a bottle of wine (or 2!), a Goodfella's pizza and a few candles for the perfect night in.

Do you prefer nights in or nights out? 

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