Sunday 3 November 2013

Sleep Deprived!

Today is a slightly different post, I am asking for a bit of advice from all you lovely other mums. 
Sienna has always been a good sleeper.. even the night she was born she slept 6 hours straight and from 3 months on was sleeping all night. As a newborn, she was easy and we couldn't really complain. 

Lately she has started waking throughout the night several times, sometimes she just wants her dummy back, other times she just cries and cries. I don't like to assume she is hungry straight away if it isn't that as I don't want her to get used to having night feeds again as she hasn't for months!

I just wondered if anyone else's child had gone through this as well at around 1 years old?

I know some nights it is teething because I know the signs and what she is like when in pain with her gums and teeth. This I don't mind because it isn't her fault and we would wake in pain as well. But on the other nights where I am not really sure what is it, it is quite hard. It's just the not knowing and not understanding why she has suddenly changed her sleeping patterns. I do think some nights she is hungry because she has started not eating much for lunch or dinner, but then wakes at 4am. I am trying to work on finding out what she really likes and not letting her get distracted, so she will eat

I do have a Gina Ford book I might dig out...!

Any advice would be helpful! Thank you :)

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