Monday 4 November 2013

Babies First Year First Aid Kit!

first year first aid kit

The first year of your first child is meant to be the hardest, I'm not sure about that as it is the only year we have done so far but it has definitely been the biggest learning curve. Before having Sienna, I toyed with the idea of getting a little first aid kit ready for 'just in case'. In the end, we decided to just buy it when we needed it as I had no clue what to get or what we would most likely need. 

Looking back, I wish I had looked it up a little bit more and had a few things handy as Sienna got a really bad bout of colic on an early Sunday morning. We had nothing to help relieve the pain and she literally screamed and screamed until the shops opened at 10am and I could rush down and get some supplies. Those hours felt like forever and I was kicking myself for not having a little emergency kit. 

I thought I would put together a little list of all the medicine/pharmacy type products I 'd recommend getting for the first year. These are all things we have either used quite a lot or that are in the cupboard ready for the future!

(I have linked al the items in case you would like to order them, I find it easier than going to several supermarkets or pharmacies to get it all! Most of them are available on Pharmacy at hand.)

For colic;
Gripe water; This literally stopped Sienna screaming within 10 minutes and bought up all her wind. Brilliant stuff, a must have!
Infacol; The handy pepette is easier for when out and about.

For teething;
Anbesol; I rave about this stuff all the time but it really is great! As it's a liquid it sinks into the gums and helps the pain pretty much instantly, rather than a gel that just slides around the mouth.
Teething granules; Another instant fix but a more natural remedy. Great to use alternately with the Anbesol.
Sudocrem; Before I was a parent I had no idea that teething would cause a sore bum! Sudocrem really is the best bum cream around!

For colds;
Snufflebabe; Brilliant for rubbing on the chest to unblock young noses!
Calpol; Calpol is a great all rounded, also brilliant for teething but I included it in this section as it contains paracetamol which will help take down a fever/temperature.

Calamine lotion; This is ready for the dreaded chicken pox. Enough said!
Savlon; Being antiseptic, soothing and the fact it aids healing of the skin means it is perfect for any cuts, scrapes or grazes.

I hope this helped you out in some way. If you have anything to add please leave it in the comment section below so everyone else can see it and share tips! Thank you!

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