Tuesday 26 November 2013

Are credit cards a good back up?

Money is the number one thing I worry about. Even when we have money, I worry that something unexpected is going to crop up and leave us with no money again. It's a horrible feeling and I wish I could be more care free. I have been thinking about getting a credit cards for months and I was told to research options for credit cards. 

I know the perception of getting a credit card is bad, however, I do feel that now we have Sienna, it is important we have some kind of back up plan if something does happen. We have been in tricky situations before we had Sienna and just muddled through, it was different when it was just us two. We could do without and understand but Sienna can't. If she needs milk, food and nappies, we have to get them! Touch wood, we have never even come close to that situation but it is my worst fear, not being able to provide for Sienna like we should. 

As well as the unexpected situations, many times I have been about to get a credit card just so I can buy a designer watch or book that fancy holiday but I do stop myself because I worry about getting into debt. Of course, I wouldn't use the credit card to do this all the time, probably only once or twice a year, but at least it is there for those occasions where we want to treat ourselves. You only live once after all!  

 I do try to be quite good with money, I don't even have an overdraft so I don't think I would abuse it, it would mainly be there for emergencies and special treats or occasions. After researching my options, I think I am more on the side of getting one even though it is a scary thought for me! So here is the nosey questions...

Do you have a credit card? Is it just for emergencies? 
Do you find it helpful?

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