Friday 11 October 2013

Sienna's first shoes!

As Sienna is now a full on walker (!!), we set off last Sunday to get her first pair of shoes. We chose Clarks first shoes as I find them excellent quality and feel I can trust them on getting the correct size and fit. I also find their shoes to be sturdy and supportive which is what little feet need as they are growing and learning to walk (and soon run!). 

She was measured as 3G which means nothing to me but is pretty easy to remember, haha! We tried a few different pairs on her and in the end we chose these ones as I put her in a lot of pink so they will match most of her outfits. We also liked how they were a darker pink, not too bright. They fit so well and she loves them, she wouldn't stop looking at them and touching them! haha! Although you can see from the picture above, a couple of wears and they are scuffed already.

Now we know her size, I am going to get her some more for her birthday or Christmas. I'm not sure how quick her feet will grow but I can't wait until she is a size 4 as I have fallen in love with these boots from Shoes By Mail, how CUTE are they for Autumn/Winter?! A tweed cape would go so well, she would look adorable! I also already have some boots from Next sitting her wardrobe that are a size 4 and waiting to be worn. 

It was such an exciting day and a nice family thing to do. Seeing her so happy and walking around in her new shoes was adorable and I will be keeping these little shoes forever! 

Where did you get your children's first shoes from?

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