Friday 11 October 2013

Ozeri Precision Bathroom Scales

(sorry about the ugly orange foot!)

A month of so ago I hit my target weight after loosing all my baby weight and more. I am now smaller than I have ever been which makes me feel great, but I was worried I wouldn't be able to maintain it. I have put a few more pounds on since then as finding time to fit exercise in is hard as Sienna is walking and getting into everything, she also doesn't nap much during the day.

During my weight loss journey I didn't weigh myself as I was worried than one bad day or number would ruin my determination and I would lose motivation to carry on. However, now I am maintaining I feel that scales are important for me to keep a check on my weight once a week.

The Ozeri Precision Bathroom Scales* have been helping me do just that. I like the style by using glass it gives a minimal, sleek feel which I love. They are very accurate at weighing and there is no tapping required to get them to turn on. You simply step on to them which is much easier than faffing around like other scales. I also like how they turn off automatically to save you going through a million batteries! 

The number shows up clear and bright so you can even use them in dark spaces and you can be sure they give an accurate reading. I really recommend these for keeping track of your weight wether you are maintaining or loosing weight.

Do you keep track of your weight?

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