Thursday 10 October 2013

Nourish your skin throughout winter

Nourish natural skincare is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands after trying out these products. I have been using these everyday for a while now so I feel I can really give them a great review and have seen the effects myself. Nourish very kindly sent me the Purifying Balance shower gel*, Golden glow illuminating face shimmer* and a sample of the Argan skin renew*. 

Now I must admit, the shower gel is not something I would usually purchase myself as I normally go for any cheap, random shower gel and 90% of the time, they are full with lots of bad ingredients. Using this one has made me see the difference in my skin from using a natural brand. It feels more moisturised and supple and just generally in better condition. This one smells amazing and the apple scent is a nice change from the typical citrus or relaxing scents. It also has smoothing peptides and the apple extracts are elasticity boosting!

The Golden glow illuminating face shimmer is my absolute favourite product right now out of everything I own. I have a pretty oily t-zone so prefer not to use a highlighter or shimmer all over my face. I also like to use as little products as possible so was not sure this would fit in well with my skincare routine. 

Shimmer is definitely the right word for it, the particles are tiny so don't leave you with that glittery face that some people dislike. I love it because it really makes my skin feel great, not oily at all. It also makes my skin look super glowy, nice and plumped and just absolutely amazing! I use it under my foundation to create a base so I don't have too much glow going on for autumn/winter but enough to make me look fresh and awake. 

As well as it being a great make-up product, it also acts as a skincare product and you know how I love my multi purpose products! It is full of goodness to feed and protect your skin throughout winter including aloe vera, tripeptides and hyaluronic acid. Aloe vera stimulates collagen resulting in firmer, smoother skin as well as repairing damaged cells and the tripeptides and hyaluronic acid help reduce wrinkles and fight signs of sun damage. On my oilier days I have replaced my moisturiser with this and it works great.

I have been making this little sample of Argan skin renew last for ages because I really like using it. I have already warned Warren this will have to become a staple in my skincare kit. It's quite a thick cream but it sinks in so well and when I wake in the morning, my skin looks and feels great and is plumped and moisturised, not shiny and greasy. I have definitely seen a result in my hydration levels as my skin was pretty dehydrated before I started using this. This will be down to the advanced cellular enzymes that again help repair skin but also reduce water loss and improve hydration levels.  

I am seriously impressed with these products and the prices are very reasonable too. I highly recommend them.

Have you tried these? Do you like a glow in winter? 

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