Tuesday 1 October 2013

Parent & Toddler parking.. when to stop!

I just want to say first of all, this is not a sponsored post, it is just something that really makes me angry so I wanted to share my thoughts!

Parent & baby/toddler parking is an amazing idea. With spaces closer to the shop and a little more room each side for getting carseats and children in and out, it's extremely helpful.

 However, when it is abused, it's a nightmare and it makes me so angry! It makes me think there's needs to be something in place to really stop this. People take their chances when they see the sign saying they'll pay a fine or whatever, they know they probably won't get caught and there are bigger issues in the world.

I guess in the scheme of things, it really isn't a big deal, but if you have had kids, you know where I am coming from. When you have a newborn who is screaming, hormones all over the place, it's p*ssing down with rain and you are trying to squeeze in the door past a car to try and get your baby safely out, it can be a big deal.

This has happened to me plenty of times, the other day I actually sat and watched. I saw all sorts of people parking up in the parent and toddler car park. From young teenage boys clearly with no kids to grandparents who think having a carseat in the back counts as a reason to need to be closer and have more room. Very helpful for me, thanks for that! I also see women with kids aged 11/12/13 parking there, yes she has kids but surely they don't need more room and a shorter walk as well?
They are not babies or toddlers.

I find it even more infuriating now that Sienna is older. She is so heavy if she is asleep in the carseat and I don't like to wake her so will put the carseat on a trolley. If I have to carry her and the changing bag from the other side of the car park, it nearly kills me! Sometimes I even decide to just go home and make do with what we have and try again tomorrow. What a waste of time!

Having children and babies is hard enough when food shopping, without the battle of parking.
So my question is, when to stop parking in parent & toddler?

In my eyes, I think I will stop when Sienna is able to get out the car and walk to the shops herself. Not necessarily be able to unclip the carseat, I'm sure I could reach in and do that even in a 'normal' space. But actually get herself down out her carseat and the car without me lifting her out. I know that won't be any time soon but I sure hope it is before she is 11..

When did you/will you stop? Are you guilty or parking there with older kids? What's your views on this?

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