Tuesday 1 October 2013

Planning Sienna's 1st Birthday!

Sienna's first birthday

I'm so excited for Sienna's birthday that I have been planning it for a while! Her birthday is on a Friday so we will spend the day as a family as Warren will have the day off and then her party will be on the Saturday. We have gone with just a pink theme, polka dots, gingham and floral as we thought it would be nice instead of an actual theme like peppa pig, dora the explorer etc. She will have plenty more birthdays when she can have those kind of themes!

I made the collage on polyvore when thinking of what I wanted. We were very kindly sent this box of goodies from Vintage Parties for Sienna's birthday and it is exactly what I envisioned! We have bunting, plates, cups, cupcake wrappers, balloons, straws, napkins, treat bags, the table cover and this cool metal party sign. It's a great start although I will have to purchase some more cups and things soon when we know roughly how many will be here! Everything is so pink and pretty and I just love it! The cupcake wrappers are adorable and I will be sharing pictures of her birthday so you can see all this decor in action! 

I still need to get the poms poms as I have an idea of how we're going to do things ;) I really want to get her one of the helium balloons shaped in a number one as well, if I can find any around where we live! I also have a couple cake stands including this gorgeous vintage cake stand to display some goodies on that I am making! 

I'm not sure if we are going to do invitations as I feel like they are a waste of time and money. It will mainly be family so we can just tell them?! I don't know..we'll see! 

I already have her birthday dress for the party, I need to find some cute shoes and a cardigan to go with it though. In terms of presents, we already have a few but we still need to get her a main present really, although we are out of ideas! I may get her something from her toadstool christmas wishlist! 

I think that is all we need to sort, apart from the food of course, but we will do that nearer the time and probably just do a buffet style with a lot of pink foods and cakes! Warren's mum is sorting out her birthday cake so I know that will be gorgeous, I can't wait to see it! I will get Sienna a little birthday cake for her actual birthday as well :)

Have I missed anything?! What did you get your child for their first birthday? 

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