Wednesday 2 October 2013

My love for Disney*

I know some people really dislike Disney but I am certainly not one of those people. I adore Disney films and my favourite has got to be Toy Story. When I was younger, or even now I suppose, there is just something so magical about it and I dreamed that my toys would come alive just like in the movie. The first film Warren and I actually watched together was Toy Story 3 as he knew I was a big fan, how sweet, haha!

I will/do really encourage imaginative play with Sienna as I think it is great for children's minds. I already make sure we have a couple hours free of TV and play with her toys and make her teddies talk and find things we can do with what would otherwise be boring objects. I really want her to love Disney as much as me and so I will be looking to get her some Disney films on DVD as she gets older. This will give me a good excuse to sit and watch my favourite Disney films all day!

Having said that, I'm off to download the Disney Infinity app and pretend it is for Sienna.. ;)

Do you love Disney like me?

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