Monday 21 October 2013

Home Bargains Halloween range!

Home Bargains Halloween range
Home Bargains Halloween rangeHome Bargains Halloween range
Home Bargains Halloween range
Home Bargains Halloween range
 Pumpkin Loot Scoop 99p*,  Family make-up kit £2.49*, Vampire kit 79p*, Spooky spiders 79p*, Horror FX 79p* and Witches hat 89p*.

Halloween is creeeeeppppppping up on us and if you're like me and leave things until the last minute, it's just about time to start thinking of getting your decor and outfits sorted. On Halloween last year I had exactly a week to go until my due date (and 8 until Sienna was born!) but that didn't stop me from dressing up. All right, I made less effort than usual but I still ventured out for Halloween for the first time in years!

Home Bargains very kindly sent us these supplies so we can get in the Halloween spirit this year with Sienna. The make-up kit, vampire kit and horror FX kit will come in handy for making Warren and I look beautiful and I guess the witches hat will suit me pretty well too ;) Sienna will be using the little pumpkin treat sack, she has been loving this all week haha! The spooky spiders made me jump out of my skin when I opened the package, I have the biggest phobia of spiders than I can hardly look at these or even pick the cardboard up! I think these will definitely be decorating the front door so I don't have to look at them! All that's left to sort out now is our actual outfits and get in some treats for the kids! 

Are you organised for Halloween yet? 
*We were sent these free of charge to promote on the blog.

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