Monday 21 October 2013

Bedroom Inspiration; The homely accessories

Comfy accessories

Making our bedroom feeling nice and cosy is top of my priority list at the moment. It's one of the places that we go in to sleep and laze around and I want it to feel like a little sanctuary for us to get away. I like a bedroom to feel really cosy and homely rather than fresh and airy and I love accessories to do this.

The number one item for making the bedroom feel comfy and cosy is a brilliant mattress. Not necessarily an accessory but I still count it as an 'extra' because you could get any type of mattress however, as parents we do get less sleep now so any sleep we get we want to make the most of and a memory foam mattress will do just that!

Candles are also a must have, especially for Autumn/Winter. I like tall candles holders as they give more a presence to the room. They add warmth and light to a room that creates the mood.

Another must have for me is photos; they add personality to the room and I just LOVE photos, I take loads. I actually have a big wooden frame like the one above that I have painted gold. I plan to get some wire or string and then peg on all my Instagram photos when I get them printed of. It will make a great feature on the wall!

Of course, my favourite thing to add to any room is cushions and rugs and the bedroom will be no exception! I really adore this 'I love you' cushion and sheepskin rug.

What are your favourite accessories for the bedroom?
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