Sunday 13 October 2013

Getting serious about the future

As I am only young, I have understandably not really taken much thought over what would happen when I die. I've never thought about my funeral, writing wills, or anything as grown up and serious as that. Now that we have Sienna, I am trying to become more organised and I am starting to think of Sienna's future and how we can help. When you become a parent, you feel the whole pressure of being responsible for someone else and the fact that they rely on you completely. 

Heaven forbid anything would ever happen to Warren or I but if it did, I need to know that Sienna would be looked after properly. We plan on having another child as well, I know some families battle with a will dispute and we want to minimise that risk, so it needs a lot of thought. We haven't actually got to writing our will's yet but I think having it on my mind is a good start!

Have you got a will?
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