Monday 14 October 2013

Disco shower anyone?!

I find it so hard finding christmas presents for everyone, but particularly men. I don't what it is about men but I can never get them great products and always end up buying the old reliable, a bottle of whisky! Presents for men have built a website to help people like me find stylish and original christmas presents for men and boys of all ages. 

They have a collection of over 2,500 items for every price bracket including 100s under £10. Although it is targeted towards men, of course they couldn't leave us women out! They do offer presents for women, in fact, they cater for everyone from8 months until 80 years old! 

We were very kindly sent the LED shower head* to try out. Whilst browsing the website I was impressed with all the original products that were available, a lot of them I had never seen before but are brilliant ideas. 

The shower head was really easy to fit and as Warren is a gadget man, he thought it was brilliant. Sienna was also a big fan of all the colours, we even took the shower head down and put it in the bath with her so she had a coloured bath, she was so excited! It is something we will use everyday and is an original idea so I think it would make the perfect gift for a gadget loving boy or man! 

I will definitely be using presents for men to get my families presents sorted this year! 

Do you find men hard to buy for?
*We went sent the LED shower head free of charge to review.

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