Sunday 20 October 2013

Bedroom Inspiration; The furniture

Bedroom Furniture

Following on from my bedroom accessories post, I thought I'd do a furniture post as I guess that is more essential ;) For our bedroom, I like to go for mismatching furniture to add to the rustic feel. I love all these pieces, they are all different but the colours and styles still work together. Teamed with lots of gold and damask/jacquard prints it will feel warm and cosy. Obviously the main piece furniture in any bedroom is the bed. This gorgeous bed is from Furniture 123. I love to keep the bed plain wood and add my colours around it, I just think it is easier that way as then the bed stays matching any other theme you have if you redecorate or change bits here and there!

We are lucky as we have built in wardrobes and drawers all along the back wall so we don't have to try and fit in a wardrobe as well, but out of the other furniture I think my favourite is the bench seat. I have never thought of having this in a bedroom but on Warren's side of the room, there is a big bare wall and I am always thinking of things we could do with it. This would solve the problem and create more a focal point on the wall, maybe with a photo or canvas above it, perfect!

What type of furniture do you love in the bedroom?
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