Friday 13 September 2013

Washi! polishing cloths

A quick post today on the Washi! pure cotton hot cloths*. I'm a big lover of hot cloths, regardless of what cleanser I am using. I feel they quicken my skincare routine and they exfoliate while removing make-up but they are still gentle on the skin. Exactly what my sensitive skin needs and my mummy routine when I have no time!

I prefer these to other cloths I have used because they are a lot thinner than a regular flannel but thicker than a muslin cloth. I feel muslin cloths are useless after their first use, they go soft and are not effective, they also stain so easily so more often than not end up in the bin. 

These Washi polishing cloth are a welcome change from that, they wash well, don't stain and keep their polishing qualities. I find them so effective for cleansing and can't believe how much better they are to muslin cloths. The price is also great, they are really affordable at £6.25 for 7 so I will be using these from now on to help contribute to my glowing, smooth skin. 

What hot cloths do you use? 

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