Friday 13 September 2013

AEOS organic cosmetics

AEOS organic make-up

Organic make-up is something I am becoming more and more interested in and the aim is to get my everyday make-up routine as natural and organic as possible. Why? I just feel it is better for my skin and now I am a mum to a little girl, I am conscious of her wanting to know about make-up as she grows up and would be much happier with her using organic cosmetics when she is of a sensible age.

I went through a horrible bout of acne in my young teenage years and again a couple of years ago and I believe it was down to all the cheap, horrible make-up I was using. Now I like to test out the products and really look into their ingredients to avoid this happening and get and get my skin looking it's best.

AEOS cosmetics use some of the best ingredients for the skin and you can tell a lot of thought and love has gone into the products. I love how the cosmetics help condition the skin as well as being a make-up product.

The Organic Liquid foundation* is something I was keen to try as on my quest so far, I have not come across a natural liquid foundation. This one is hydrating as well as having a light, build able coverage and leaves the skin looking fresh and glowing. It contains Willow bark extract which can help reduce blemishes due to it's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. To help nourish & hydrate the skin it also contains a selected range of natural oils, as does most of the cosmetics.

I really love how it feels on my skin, especially as my skin has been feeling very dehydrated lately. I also think the colour is great and I love the tube packaging, it really means you can get most of the foundation out unlike some packaging where you waste half of it!

The Cream to powder blush in Rose* goes beautifully with the foundation, it's is so creamy and blendable but leaves a velvety finish that lasts well on the skin. It's the perfect natural flushed colour and being a cream to powder adds to the glow the foundation creates. I have really been loving these 2 products to create a natural, gorgeous base.

Mascara is something I always find difficult to get right, it's a combination of me being picky and my natural lashes being pretty poor. This Volumising Mascara* is a very wet formula due to the oils it uses which is good for conditioning the lashes. The wand is small which is good as I find I make a huge mess with bigger wands & I love the way it separates the lashes and you can build it up to add a little more volume.

These products are gorgeous and brilliant if you love a more natural, glowy look for daytime as opposed to a fully made up face.

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Have you tried Organic cosmetics?

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