Wednesday 18 September 2013

Susie and Toto Luxury Baby Boutique*

I love discovering new and unique baby brands and Susie and Toto is just that. In fact, the idea for the company only came about in April 2013 so it is really brand new. The objective of Susie and Toto was to bring Italian fashion to UK baby wear, creating a classy, premium fashion range for parents and gift-givers to choose from for any occasion. 

Enzo, the founder & creative director of Susie and Toto, remembers his childhood following his papa' and nonna around the family production factory and it was here he learnt about fabrics and how hard work can turn into beautifully made clothes. Family is really important to me so the fact his family had such an influence is something I can relate to. His parents are even behind the name of the company as Susie and Toto are their nicknames for each other! These happy childhood memories are what has turned Enzo's idea into a successful business and career.

Susie and Toto provide only the highest quality and really make sure any brands they may partner with are the right ones and match their standards for your little ones. Although Susie and Toto does focus on quality and fashion, all the items are still comfortable and suitable for play time as well.

The pieces Susie and Toto offer are simple and classic but beautifully made as you'd expect. None of these items are available anywhere else in the UK so they really are special, luxury clothes. They offer european delivery and free UK delivery which is an extra added delight in my books! 

Susie and Toto not only focus on the clothes as being premium but the whole experience; from using the website to the handy tote bag to carry your parcel! The website is simple and clean which creates a sense of quality, professionalism and is easy to use. They really provide the best service even down to their packaging of premium gift boxes and can provide your gifts complete with a hand written note to add a more personal touch if it is for a loved one. 

You can tell how much love and passion has gone into Susie and Toto through the background story and how they really focus on the customer service to make it a pleasurable experience wether you are buying or receiving some of their gorgeous Italian clothing. 

Make sure you sign up to their newsletter as each month one lucky member wins £50 to spend on Susie and Toto!

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