Tuesday 17 September 2013

Fake Bake wash off golden bronzer!

Fake bake golden faux glo bronzer
Fake bake golden faux glo bronzer
Fake bake golden faux glo bronzer

I've used these wash off tans many times before as they are great when a spontaneous night out crops up and I haven't prepped in the way of fake tanning! With one of my favourite wash off tans being St Tropez, I was excited to see how this Fake Bake bronzer* compared. 

You can see it is a deep brown colour, even deeper than some of my fake tans so I was a little anxious at first. As I started applying it and rubbing it in, it melted into the skin beautifully and into a gorgeous golden brown colour; 'bronzer' is definitely the right word to describe it. The texture felt lovely and light on my skin and didn't leave that tackiness than I am all too familiar with. 

The Matte option is my preference with any tan because I feel leave a much more natural finish on the skin and this is no exception. It is completely streak free, blends easily and dries pretty quickly. The only 'critique' is I wish all of these products were waterproof! One spill of a drink and the secret of your glowy, bronzed skin is out..!

Have you tried this? What do you think of wash off tans?

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